A squeaky clean 2021, with less plastic.

With all of us looking for simpler changes and conscious solutions to a healthier lifestyle. We have some suggestions for more sustainable ideas for everyday life. At Ekkoo we have a range of products and accessories which are good for your skin, reusable, use less plastic, and are great to share with your friends.

4 Natural Products;

Greenman Handcrafted Soap bars

Each soap bar within the Greenman collection has been handcrafted in England and created from carefully selected botanicals and pure aromatic oils. These SLS and Paraben-free soaps will transform your routines of cluttered bathroom cabinets, to minimal yet effective products. The gently fragranced soaps nourish the skin and create a pleasurable delicate aroma. With a choice of 7 bars; all with unique properties and fragrances, find which is most suited to you.

Salt Deodorant bars

These mineral enriched deodorant bars are formed of ancient sea salts at the foot of the Himalayas. The chunks of crystals are hand-mined in to small bars, for convenient use and have various properties. The chemical-free bars can be dampened to be used as a deodorant, producing an invisible layer of protection from odour and bacteria. Or alternatively, frozen or heated to create a soothing sensation for sore muscles, creating relaxation and drawing toxins from the skin.

Volcanic Lava Stones

Here’s an alternative to the harmful exfoliating scrubs which often contain microplastics or dispensed in plastic containers. This volcanic stone is perfect for improving skin tone, removing toxins, and smoothing the skin on the whole body. Crafted from Volcanic Larva and full of therapeutic minerals this lightweight stone is the perfect essential for your bathing routine and lasts for years.

Beard Oils

Our selection of beard oils, with various selected fragrances containing essences of jojoba oil, apricots and Argan. The delicate oils help combat itchy and flaky skin as well as softening coarse hair to ease styling, especially when using our beard comb or brush. It is the perfect everyday product for stubble or beard; made of natural ingredients and is vegan friendly.

4 Grooming Accessories

Wooden beard accessories

These are a great addition to your styling routine, particularly when paired with our beard oils and are the perfect sized grooming accessory. The brush is crafted from bamboo and wild boar hair. We also have a pocket-sized wooden comb, it is great for styling and assisting your daily facial trims. This comb is crafted from pearwood and is biodegradable.

These durable brushes will last you a lifetime, taming that unruly facial hair.

Bamboo Toothbrush

This everyday essential is one for all the family; with two children sized and two adult toothbrushes, crafted from sustainably sourced bamboo that is bio-degradable. We throw billions of toothbrushes away every day, consequently these could stay on our planet years to come. These environmentally conscious alternatives should definitely be considered for your natural grooming!

Bamboo Cotton Earbuds

These bamboo cotton buds are essentials for your bathroom cabinet;
this everyday product is bio-degradable creating less waste. These cotton buds have bamboo stems and can be disposed of in your compost or organic waste. The 200 cotton buds are also stored in a bio-degradable box, creating less waste and harm to wildlife.

Exfoliating Products

We have a range of 7 exfoliating accessories crafted from sisal, jute and bamboo. The reusable exfoliating mitt will help simplify your routine and help your body feeling energised. The use of natural materials such as sisal which helps gently exfoliate your skin, improving circulation and combating cellulite.

Dry brushing has many advantages to the body; it aims to reduce bloating, excess water retention, toxins and also helps improve kidney function and digestion.