Organic Ylang Ylang Essential Oil 10ml

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The world of aromatherapy considers Ylang Ylang Essential Oil as one of the best at relaxing the mind and the body. Simply smelling it is supposed to help lower blood pressure. Taking a bath with the oil or using it in a massage oil naturally enhances the relaxation experience. It is used to relieve stress, depression, shock, or anxiety.

When used as a hair tonic it is supposed to balance oil production and thicken the hair. Another popular use for this oil is to use your skincare to help prevent signs of aging or irritation.

Ylang Ylang means the flower of flowers in Malay, and was traditionally thought of as an aphrodisiac and a relaxing fragrance.


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Some essential oils are toxic if consumed and should only be used topically when diluted. Please be certain that you know all about an essential oil before using it. Do not store in direct sunlight. If you are pregnant or if you are consuming prescription medications, always consult your doctor before using any essential oils.
Ylang Ylang
Bottle Material: Amber Glass
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Organic Essential Oil


Organic Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

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