Citrus Soap Set


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The Ready Made Gift Bundle set ​contains:

1x Handmade Soap Loaf
Passion Fruit - Slice Approx 100g

1x Hawaiian Mango
Fragranced with mouth-watering mango and made with soap ribbons, this juicy Hawaiian Mango soap will make you think of grass skirts and tropical islands.

1x Gardens Scrub
Made with lemon and basil essential oil, and pumice to help scrub away dirt, this soap is just the thing to freshen you up after a hard day's work (Hard day's work not required).

1x Watermelon
The watermelon oil contained in this soap may help give moisture, stabilize the cell wall and calms and soothe the skin. The coconut oil in this soap contains lauric acid, a fatty acid, which has restructuring properties and may help give the skin moisture, protection and softness.

1x Wooden soap dish
Nice modern designs, very well made and all individually wrapped in paper.

These simple wooden soap dishes will keep your natural handmade soaps drained well between uses, making the soap stay dry and last longer.

No more soft bars!


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